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Old 08-31-2018, 06:12 PM
gearyst gearyst is offline
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Using SecureCRT with Duo (MFA)

I need to be able to use SecureCRT in a Duo Mobile MFA environment. I see that I can set a session option for SSH2 to move Keyboard Interactive to the top of the list for Authentication, and that works. My problem is that I have 30 or so servers that I sign on to. Is there no way to set a global option for SSH2 that will let me just set this once and have it apply to all my servers?
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Old 08-31-2018, 06:28 PM
berdmann berdmann is offline
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Hi gearyst,

There is not a global setting that will allow you to accomplish this task, however you can use the Defualt Session to do so.

Please refer to our YouTube video, "Sessions: 2) The Default Session" :


If you have already created all of the 30 sessions for your servers you will want to use the "Change ALL sessions" option when saving the changes that you make in the SSH2 category.

If you have yet to create your sessions you will want to select the "Change Default Session only" option when saving the changes. The Default session's configuration will be used to create all subsequent sessions thereafter.

Is this information helpful?

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