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Old 03-14-2012, 09:50 AM
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Feature Request: Paste Special

I'm using version 6.6.3 (x64 build 412). I'd like to make a request for a "paste special" command that would convert X number of spaces to a tab in whatever text you are pasting.

Somewhere in settings, the user could specify the number of spaces that would be replaced.

Here's my use case. I'm often doing a lot of copying and pasting from one UNIX vi text file to another. When I do, it appears my tabs get converted to spaces when I paste. Something that starts...

if ($foo == 1) {
[TAB]if ($bar == 1 ) {
[TAB][TAB]print "Baz!";

...becomes the following when copy/pasted using SecureCRT:

if ($foo == 1) {
[SPACE][SPACE][SPACE][SPACE][SPACE]if ($bar == 1 ) {

By using a Paste Sepcial command, it would see five (in my example above) spaces, and make each of those a tab.

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