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Old 12-16-2014, 11:31 AM
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Thumbs down For Each or Do Until----Help Please

I am building a script that can detect if a current modem is in use vs. what is open. However, I don't know what conditional loop to use?

I have a modem farm, and have currently in use.

router#sh users
Line User Host(s) Idle Location
tty 1/4 idle 00:00:06 modem5
tty 1/6 idle 00:02:13 modem5
tty vty 1 User modem5 00:00:10 IPaddr
tty vty 2 User modem7 00:02:14 IPaddr
*324 con User idle 00:00:00 IPaddr
tty con USer idle 00:01:23 IPaddr

Interface User Mode Idle Peer Address


This is what i have so far. I get into an infinite loop with the following code. Anyone got a good idea of how I can pick a modem that's is open and not in use?

Sub Main()

' turn on synchronous mode
crt.Screen.Synchronous = True

crt.Screen.Send "show users" & chr(13)

Dim n

Dim modem_inuse(10)
modem_inuse(0) = "idle"
modem_inuse(1) = "modem1"
modem_inuse(2) = "modem2"
modem_inuse(3) = "modem3"
modem_inuse(4) = "modem5"
modem_inuse(5) = "modem6"
modem_inuse(6) = "modem7"
modem_inuse(7) = "modem8"
modem_inuse(8) = "modem15"
modem_inuse(9) = "modem16"

For Each modem in modem_inuse

Do Until n = "modem_found"

Dim Host_Inuse

Host_Inuse = crt.Screen.WaitForStrings(modem_inuse(0), 10)
'Tested this out as well, and doesn't work.
'Host_Inuse = crt.Screen.WaitForStrings("idle", "modem1", "modem2", "modem3" , "modem5", "modem6", "modem7", "modem8", "modem15", "modem16", 10)
Select Case Host_Inuse
Case 0
MsgBox "Timed out waiting for strings"
Exit Do
Case 1
MsgBox "Found idle string!"
Case 2
MsgBox "Found modem1 string!"

Case 3
MsgBox "Found modem2 string!"

Case 4
MsgBox "Found modem3 string!"

Case 5
MsgBox "Found modem5 string!"

Case 6
MsgBox "Found modem6 string!"

Case 7
MsgBox "Found modem7 string!"

Case 8
MsgBox "Found modem8 string!"

Case 9
MsgBox "Found modem15 string!"

Case 10
MsgBox "Found modem16 string!"

Case 11
MsgBox "All Modems are in use!"

End Select

'Exit Do



End Sub

#auto-select , #conditionalloops

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