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Old 12-08-2017, 02:16 PM
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Question Javascript SFTP Tab

Good day... I am trying to open a new tab via Javascript for SFTP. I have used the vbscript guide example as a basis, but it is not working. It would be great if there were a version of that guide in JS to use!
In any case, here is what I have, any insights would be greatly appreciated!

// SFTP test
var objTab;
var objSFTPTab;
objTab = crt.Session.ConnectInTab("/S");
//objTab.Caption = "New SFTP Tab";

// Create an SFTP tab associated with the existing tab
objSFTPTab = objTab.ConnectSFTP();

// Wait for the SFTP tab to be ready for input.
objSFTPTab.Screen.Synchronous = true;

// Upload all .txt files in the current local working directory to
// the current remote working directory.
objSFTPTab.Screen.Send("put *.txt" + String.fromCharCode(13) + String.fromCharCode(10));

// Close the SFTP tab
// Close the connection on the originating SSH2 connection's tab
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