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Old 03-26-2014, 05:46 AM
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Rename the Title Bar, not the tab

I'm using SecureCRT 7.1.3 and have found what I feel is a bug.

I connect to multiple sites where the servers have the same names so I need a way of differentiating them and it seemed like I had found the perfect place. There is an option in Session Options - Terminal - Appearance - Window to set the name of the Title Bar.

However when I enter a name here, it also changes the name of the Tab. This feels wrong as the Tab name should be coming from the name of the session.

I would like to have a way of showing a custom string (or Folder name) in the Title Bar when I select a session tab, without it changing the name of the session tab.

Consider the following simple hierarchy:
Site 1
Server 1
Server 2
Site 2
Server 1
Server 2
Site 3
Server 1
Server 2

When I am connected to all 3 "Server 1"s, I cannot tell which site I am on. It should be possible to show this somewhere separate to the tab name. And the Title Bar is an ideal place for it.

Yes, I could change each session name to include the site location but that makes the tabs longer which is counter-productive.

I have seen a feature request from 2010 which also appears to be looking for the same functionality: Feature Request - Forum Thread #5777.

In summary, I would like the Title Bar to change to a custom string or immediate folder name when I select each session tab, without the session tab name also changing. It should be possible to save this in the Session Options.

Thank you.
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