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Old 01-31-2006, 01:20 PM
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error while authentication


I'm getting the following error while connecting to the remote server Could you please help me to resolve this issue.

ssh2 -v ncsadm@
warning: Development-time debugging not compiled in.
warning: To enable, configure with --enable-debug and recompile.
debug: Ssh2/ssh2.c:1779: Crypto library version: SSH Cryptographic Library, version 1.2.4
debug: Ssh2/ssh2.c:1948: Found user config file '/home/uncsadsg/.ssh2/ssh2_config'
warning: Unrecognized configuration parameter '*:Port'.
warning: Unrecognized configuration parameter 'AuthorizationFile'.
warning: Failed to parse some variables from config file '/home/uncsadsg/.ssh2/ssh2_config'.
debug: Ssh2/ssh2.c:2593: Running in FIPS mode: No
debug: Connecting to, port 22... (SOCKS not used)
debug: SshProtoTransport/trcommon.c:4056: My version: SSH-1.99- SSH Secure Shell
debug: client supports 1 auth methods: 'publickey'
debug: Ssh2Common/sshcommon.c:508: local ip =, local port = 36804
debug: Ssh2Common/sshcommon.c:510: remote ip =, remote port = 22
debug: Remote version: SSH-2.0- SSH Secure Shell
debug: Major: 4 Minor: 2 Revision: 0
debug: SshProtoTransport/trcommon.c:1475: lang s to c: `', lang c to s: `'
debug: SshProtoTransport/trcommon.c:1541: c_to_s: cipher blowfish-cbc, mac hmac-sha1, compression zlib
debug: SshProtoTransport/trcommon.c:1544: s_to_c: cipher blowfish-cbc, mac hmac-sha1, compression zlib
debug: Ssh2Client/sshclient.c:460: Keys match.
debug: Remote host key found from database.
debug: server offers auth methods 'publickey,password'.
debug: Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/authc-pubkey.c:1774: Starting pubkey auth...
debug: Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/authc-pubkey.c:1730: Agent is not running.
debug: Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/authc-pubkey.c:1521: Got 0 keys from the agent.
debug: Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/authc-pubkey.c:1299: Trying to add external certificate, key count = 0.
debug: SshUserFiles/sshuserfiles.c:522: Using '/home/uncsadsg/.ssh2/identification' as identity file.
debug: Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/authc-pubkey.c:1643: adding keyfile "/home/uncsadsg/.ssh2/id_dsa_2048_c" to candidates
debug: Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/authc-pubkey.c:1643: adding keyfile "/home/uncsadsg/.ssh2/id_dsa_2048_d" to candidates
debug: Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/authc-pubkey.c:1643: adding keyfile "/home/uncsadsg/.ssh2/id_dsa_2048_e" to candidates
debug: Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/authc-pubkey.c:1498: Trying 3 key candidates.
debug: server offers auth methods 'publickey,password'.
debug: Constructing and sending signature in publickey authentication.
debug: Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/authc-pubkey.c:748: reading private key /home/uncsadsg/.ssh2/id_dsa_2048_d
debug: server offers auth methods 'password' (previous method was successful but more required).
debug: Ssh2AuthPubKeyClient/authc-pubkey.c:1863: Public key authentication was successful.
debug: Ssh2Common/sshcommon.c:166: DISCONNECT received: No further authentication methods available.
warning: Authentication failed.
Disconnected (local); no more authentication methods available (No further authentication methods available.)

client side files
rwx------ 2 uncsadsg uncsgrp 512 Jan 31 03:50 hostkeys
-rw-r--r-- 1 uncsadsg uncsgrp 1254 Jan 31 04:10 id_dsa_2048_e.pub
-rw------- 1 uncsadsg uncsgrp 1386 Jan 31 04:10 id_dsa_2048_e
-rw------- 1 uncsadsg uncsgrp 60 Jan 31 04:11 identification
-rw------- 1 uncsadsg uncsgrp 790 Feb 01 02:43 ssh2_config.Feb.01.2006
-rw------- 1 uncsadsg uncsgrp 703 Feb 01 02:46 ssh2_config
-rw------- 1 uncsadsg uncsgrp 512 Feb 01 03:18 random_seed
$ cat identification
IdKey id_dsa_2048_c
IdKey id_dsa_2048_d
IdKey id_dsa_2048_e
$ pwd
$ cat ssh2_config
*:Port 22
Ciphers blowfish
Compression yes
IdentityFile identification
AuthorizationFile authorization
RandomSeedFile random_seed
VerboseMode no
ForwardAgent no
ForwardX11 no
PasswordPrompt "%U's password: "
Ssh1Compatibility no
Ssh1AgentCompatibility none
NoDelay yes
KeepAlive yes
QuietMode no

server side files

$ ls -tlr
total 13
-rw------- 1 ncsadm staff 1254 Jan 23 22:42 id_dsa_2048_c.pub
-rw------- 1 ncsadm staff 1254 Jan 23 22:57 dsath.pub
-rw------- 1 ncsadm staff 1254 Jan 31 03:13 id_dsa_2048_d.pub
-rw------- 1 ncsadm staff 1254 Jan 31 04:08 id_dsa_2048_e.pub
-rw-r--r-- 1 ncsadm staff 58 Jan 31 07:17 authorization
$ cat authorization
Key id_dsa_2048_d.pub
Key dsath.pub
Key id_dsa_2048_e.pub
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Old 02-01-2006, 09:30 AM
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tnygren tnygren is offline
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Hi Supp11,

Thank you for the log information.

In reading the log, it does not appear to be from a VanDyke client nor is the server one of our products.

Could you tell me which VanDyke products you are using?

If there aren't any VanDyke products involved, I might not be able to give you specifics to resolve the problem, but I can point you in the right direction.

The log file seems to indicate that the server is likely configured to require the password authentication method.

A likely resolution to this problem would be to make a change in the secure shell server's configuration to allow both password and/or publickey authentication methods (without requiring password authentication specifically).


Teresa Nygren

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