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Old 10-09-2019, 03:15 PM
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Arrow How-To: Remove all traces of SecureCRT from your machine

Ever need to completely uninstall SecureCRT and remove all traces of its configuration?

Removal is reverse of installation. Recall that to install SecureCRT, you would have opened the .dmg file and dragged the "SecureCRT" app to your "Applications" folder.

To uninstall SecureCRT, you would:
  1. Open the Applications folder within the Finder app (or click on the blue Applications folder if present in the dock) and locate SecureCRT there.

  2. Drag SecureCRT to the trash.

  3. If you chose to install the TFTP binding helper daemon, you will need to remove this manually within a native Terminal window using these two commands (or similar):
    sudo rm /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.vandyke.SecureCRT.BindingHelper.plist
    sudo rm /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.vandyke.SecureCRT.BindingHelper

The SecureCRT app itself is now uninstalled.

Remove All Traces
If you desire to remove all traces of SecureCRT -- including your configuration data -- here are the additional steps you would need to take:
  • Remove your configuration folder. If you're not sure where this is located, open a Terminal window and run this command:
    open "`defaults read com.vandyke.SecureCRT \"Config Path\"`/../"
  • Remove your personal data folder (if you chose to use one for storing sensitive data). If you're not sure where this is or even if you were using it, open a Terminal window and run this command:
    open "`defaults read com.vandyke.SecureCRT \"Personal Data Path\"`/../"
  • Remove global defaults for SecureCRT. Open a Terminal window and run this command:
    defaults delete com.vandyke.SecureCRT

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