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Old 01-07-2022, 02:40 PM
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Arrow How-To: Import SecureCRT Sessions from CSV/Text File Data

In SecureCRT 9.2, a new feature allows you to create saved sessions by importing data from a CSV or plain-text file -- no need to run an import script!
  1. Prepare for the import process by creating a delimiter-separated values file that uses any of the following as field delimiters: comma, tab, space, semicolon.
    The following fields are supported for importing into SecureCRT:
    • Hostname/IP Address (e.g. the host name or IP address of the device to which the session will connect)
    • Folder (e.g. the Folder organization in the Session Manager that will be created/used for storing the new session)
    • Session Name (e.g. the name of the session as it will appear in the Session Manager)
    • Username (e.g. the user account name that will be used for the authentication process; only supported with SSH1 and SSH2 protocols)
    • Password (e.g. the account password, in plain text, that will be used for authenticating; only supported with SSH1 and SSH2 protocols)
    • Protocol (e.g. SSH2, SSH1, Telnet, Telnet/TLS, Raw)
    • Emulation (e.g. Xterm, VT100, VT220, TN3270, etc.)
    The only required field that must be present is: Hostname

    Note: An option is available to have a data file that has no delimiters (e.g. Hostname is the only field present on each line). In this case, the value on each line will be imported into a session where the value from that line is used as both the session name and host name.
    The following protocols are supported:

    The following protocols are not supported:
    Local Shell
  2. After you have prepared your source values file for import as described, open SecureCRT and in the main Tools pull-down menu, choose: Import Settings from Text File...

  3. When the Text Import Wizard appears, the first line of the CSV/text file you specified will be displayed, and you will need to:
    • Enable/Disable entries in the Fields listing that are not present in your CSV/text file.
    • Arrange the entries in the Fields listing to match the order of the values that appear on a single line in your CSV/text file.
    • Select the Delimiter value that matches the delimiter character used in your data file. Remember, if your data file only has a hostname on each line, select the None Delimiter value.
  4. Press the [Next] button in the Text Import Wizard to preview the data that will be imported; use the [Back] button to go back and adjust if the fields do not match what is displayed in the preview.

  5. Press the [Finish] button to initiate the import operation and the [Close] button once the import operation has completed.
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