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Old 09-12-2017, 12:27 PM
Keith Tyler Keith Tyler is offline
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FTPS issues

I'm setting up a FTPS server and in my test environment and I'm using self-signed certificates.

On Vshell under FTPS
SSL encryption = Require encrypted connections

Client certificate set to "none" it works with userid and password
When set to "Allow certificate authentication" doesn't work.

I'm using SecureFX for the client.
ssl options
Disable cerificate validation is checked
tried with a self-signed cert and with no cert.

For both I get:

2017-09-12 12:57:25, 00007: Control connection successfully established to address ''.
2017-09-12 12:57:25, 00007: 220 VanDyke Software VShell FTPS Server version 4.2.5 (x64 build 1322).
2017-09-12 12:57:25, 00007: PBSZ 0
2017-09-12 12:57:25, 00007: 200 Protection buffer size set to 0.
2017-09-12 12:57:25, 00007: PROT P
2017-09-12 12:57:25, 00007: 200 Protection level set to P
2017-09-12 12:57:25, 00007: Time zone of server could not be determined.
2017-09-12 12:57:25, 00007: USER testuser
2017-09-12 12:57:41, 00007: 530 Invalid USER command.
2017-09-12 12:57:52, 00007: USER testuser
2017-09-12 12:57:52, 00007: 530 Invalid USER command.
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Old 09-12-2017, 01:09 PM
bgagnon bgagnon is offline
VanDyke Technical Support
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Hi Keith,

What type of user account are you trying to connect with?

Is it a local account? A VShell database user account?

It's probably best to take this issue out of the public forums. Please send your response via email to support@vandyke.com and include "Attn Brenda - Forum Thread #12813" in the subject line.

VanDyke Software
Technical Support
(505) 332-5730
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