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Old 05-31-2018, 02:30 PM
jake1138 jake1138 is offline
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SecureCRT: Delay when loading new windows

In SecureCRT versions 8.1.2 and 8.3.3 (just upgraded today)...

When I have multiple SecureCRT windows open, there is a delay when loading new windows that increases based on the number of SecureCRT windows I have open. I've been using SecureCRT for 15+ years and this never happened before. It just showed up one day, maybe a month or two ago. I've been running 8.1.2 for quite awhile so there was no version change, until today when I upgraded to 8.3.3. I typically have 5-10 SecureCRT windows open at any point in time.

The new window shows up immediately but the menu bar is completely blank (all white except for a small vertical strip of gray on the left) for a few seconds, with a busy cursor, then finally it shows up along with the contents of the window (terminal or Connect dialog). This happens if I click on "SecureCRT 8.3" on the Quick Menu (right-click on the taskbar icon) or if I choose a session from the Quick Menu.

It does not happen if I duplicate a window that is already opened. I do that with Alt-D which is mapped to MENU_TAB_CLONE_IN_NEW_WINDOW. I also don't use tabs. Every session opens in a new window. If I use File > Clone Session, it opens a tab and that is immediate, no delay.

With 10 windows open, it takes 3 full seconds before the terminal is displayed (for a session) or the Connect dialog is displayed (via "SecureCRT 8.3" shortcut).

Any ideas?

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