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Old 09-26-2006, 08:06 AM
luistorres19 luistorres19 is offline
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Telnet Session Import-Export Utility

Is there any posibility that Secure CRT can have an utility to import/export complete configured telnet sessions form one machine to another in a mean of a file? My company has different networks and a lot of CISCO routers and switchs to connect via telnet. The administrator or someone else can configure complete Telnet Sessions in his machine and then export them to be received by technicians and everytime there´s a change of IP address it can be notified and send the new config (Telnet Session) to others.

Thanks for your help and I hope this idea may get SecureCRT much better than it is.

Luis Torres
Old 09-26-2006, 09:19 AM
tnygren's Avatar
tnygren tnygren is offline
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Hi Luis,

Thanks for the request for SecureCRT to be able to export and import sessions.

This is something that we have had requests for previously. Adding this option is under consideration for possible inclusion in a future release.

If this is added, we will make a post here.

We can also contact you via email if you would prefer this method.

If so, just send a message to with a subject of ATTN: Teresa Forum Thread 1734.

As another method, it is possible to manually copy the sessions that need to be shared into each session folder for SecureCRT.

The sessions are stored as ini files in the 'Sessions' folder inside the main configuration folder. The location of the configuration folder is located in the 'Configuration folder' data field in the 'General' category of the 'Global Options' in SecureCRT 5.x.

Once copied, these can then be copied in the 'Sessions' folder on the other machines. SecureCRT should be closed on the other machines when the session is copied.

Does this help?


Teresa Nygren
Old 09-27-2006, 11:10 AM
noctot noctot is offline
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We have the same situation at my company. We have accomplished what you are asking by housing our configuration folder on a shared drive. All users put the same path in their global options. When any of our network admins makes a change the effects are immediately available to all users.


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