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Old 10-14-2008, 03:36 AM
aron aron is offline
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VShell-server: umask problem


I am writing in regard to my problem with coping files on server with vshell.
While copying any file from hostA to hostB (hostA - linux rh7.2 or rhel3 or rhel4 OpenSSH,rsync-2.6.9-1; hostB - vshell server 3.5.1-383 linux rhel4,rsync-2.6.9-1) with 'scp' or 'rsync' over 'ssh', the following commands on "hostA" are executed:

C1: rsync -z -e ssh anyfile user@hostB:/target/dir/
C2: scp anyfile user@hostB:/target/dir/

("user" has /bin/bash as shell and is allowed for
Login,Shell,RemoteExecution,sftp and scp)

The following parameters are set up in a configuring file 'vshelld_config':

'DefaultUmask 0002'
'EnableUmaskDiscovery false'.

After the execution of the command C1, all copying files have the permission 0644
After the execution of the command C2, all copying files have the permission 0600

A change of settings 'DefaultUmask' or/and 'EnableUmaskDiscovery'
does not cause any change in the permission of copying files.

I have tried setting up umask with ~/.vshellrc (umask 0002) but this
settings are working only through the direct log in with (bash-)shell and not with 'rsync' or 'scp'.

Therefore, I have a question how I can set umask for rsync, scp and sftp

Best regards
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Old 10-14-2008, 10:20 AM
kbarnette kbarnette is offline
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Hi aron,

I have received your e-mail and responded accordingly.
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