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Old 05-04-2011, 09:40 PM
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Steps necessary to set SecureCRT session color scheme annoying!

Perhaps I am an outlier, but I find the steps necessary to set default global session color schemes to be entirely counter-intuitive!

One would think, or at least I do, that when one sets the color scheme in the Advanced Appearance properties of the Global Options menu item and saves settings, that the result would be that all future sessions would use the chosen color scheme, and perhaps even that current sessions might change as this is a "Global Option." But, alas, this isn't the case. Once one selects the color scheme of choice, saves options, and then re-opens the Global Options/Terminal/Appearance/Advanced to verify that the change has indeed occurred, one is not presented with the setting that one just set, but rather the "Monochrome" setting, as it was previous to one's vain attempt to cudgel SecureCRT into performing one of the most basic functions of a color-capable terminal emulator, namely displaying color.

Failing at this and against all logic, one might resort to attempting to set the afore mentioned setting in the Session Options followed by selecting Save Settings Now to achieve one's goal. But if one were foolish enough to attempt this, one would only be taunted by the appearance of the setting being changed, as the change would only be in effect for the current session.

Lastly, if one were to completely ignore all mention of "Appearance," "ANSI Color," and "Advanced" under the "Terminal" options within the "Global Options," and were instead to concentrate purely upon the General/Default Session category, one would be lucky enough to be presented with a set of categories confusingly similar to those within "Global Options," but different. If one's luck (or perhaps genius?) were to continue to be with one, one might indeed explore the "Appearance" category under "Terminal" and be presented with "Current color scheme;" at which point one might pray that perhaps this is indeed the True reference to the holy "Color Scheme" for which one has been questing, and reverently set the scheme to that which one fervently desires. Lastly, if one annoints one self with the perspiration of St. William of Microsoft and genuflects before the "Save Settings Now," one will at long last be blessed with the sacred color scheme for which one has so longingly desiderated.

It isn't that I am not a n00b to SecureCRT; I have used it for at least eight years. Perhaps I have not wound through the afore mentioned tortuous path frequently enough for it to have been seared upon my neural pathways, as I find enduring this gauntlet only necessary when I set up a new system, or perchance I am merely senile. In any case, I would like to take this opportunity to opine that the settings/options dialog boxes could use the attentions of a human interface design shaman to exercise their vile daemons.

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