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Old 06-05-2021, 06:14 AM
pvsarat pvsarat is offline
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Securecrt buttons created are not saving in button bar

Hi Team,

I have created few buttons in "default" button bar in securecrt - Upon closing all the session and securecrt window - The buttons are disappearing.

Even I tried to create a new button bar with name "General" and created few button on General button bar. After restart of securecrt all the button are disappering. I don't know what wrong ?

Can anyone help me on it?

Verison : 8.3.4
Operating system : Windows 10
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Old 06-05-2021, 10:24 PM
cboyack cboyack is offline
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Hi pvsarat,

Generally, when changes that one has made to buttons don't stick around after the software closes and reopens, it's an issue with SecureCRT writing to the actual ButtonBarV#.ini file (I note a # instead of a specific number because while SecureCRT version 8.3.4 uses V4, newer versions of SecureCRT now use a V5) within SecureCRT's configuration folder.

If you locate your Config folder (the path to which is visible under the General > Configuration Paths category of Global Options), does your user context have permission to write to your Config folder and the ButtonBarV#.ini file within?

If you do have those permissions and you're still unable to have new buttons stick (the file may be corrupted and generally unreadable/unwriteable), your next best step would be renaming that ButtonBarV#.ini file to something different like __ButtonBarV#.ini so that SecureCRT can create a fresh button bar file the next time it restarts. With a fresh, re-written button bar file, do you still see the issues where your buttons don't stick around after a program restart?

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