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Old 02-26-2019, 10:49 PM
Pepita Pepita is offline
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Smile How to stop SecureCRT from swapping tabs when I wanna just move one of them?


I am using Version 8.3.4 (x64 build 1699)

I usually work wort with multiple tabs. Some times I need to have them organized in a specific order. But when I want to move one of the tabs instead of going between the two tabs I want to relocated, it switch places ... so the one i want to move goes to that position but the tab that was there moves to where my first tab was originally.

What can I do to stop this behavior. with so many devices i spend so much time trying to organize the tabs.

I appreciate your assistance.
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Old 02-27-2019, 07:36 AM
bgagnon bgagnon is offline
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Hi Pepita,

What OS is SecureCRT installed on?

I cannot replicate that behavior.

Please elaborate on the exact setup you are describing because of course if you only have three tabs and you move #3 between 1 and 2 that would be a "swap places" result as well as the tab having been placed where you dropped it.

In my test I had 5 tabs and when I moved #5 between 1 and 2, the order then became 15234 as expected.

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