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Old 06-27-2018, 08:59 AM
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Procomm to SecureCRT

In procomm there are two ways to display text on the terminal. You can do it using transmit and termmsg.

transmit string [RAW]:Sends a character string to the active port. If local echo is on, transmit echoes the string to the Terminal display.

termmsg string | {formatstr arglist} [RAW]:Writes a formatted string to the Terminal window at the current cursor location, updating that location accordingly. termmsg does not process caret ("^") sequences.

The SecureCRT equivalent to Procomm "transmit" is crt.Screen.Send. I was wondering if there is a SecureCRT equivalent for "termmsg"?

The difference between the two is huge. Here is an example of both.

If I use transmit: "^M" is equivalent to pressing 'r'n.

transmit "hello world!^M"
transmit "hello earth!^M"
OUTPUT on terminal: The router OS is expect keyword command hence the bad command prompt from the OS.

*A:# hello world!
Error: Bad command.
*A:# hello earth!
Error: Bad command.
If I use termmsg:
termmsg "hello world! 'r'n"
termmsg "hello earth! 'r'n"
OUTPUT on terminal: you see how it does not provoke the OS to check for a keyword command and it output the messages nicely, no bad command message.
*A:# hello world!
hello earth!
My question is that, is there an equivalent command in SecureCRT that will do what "termmsg" does in Procomm?

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