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Old 08-25-2019, 12:55 PM
Tachyon Tachyon is offline
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DYNAMIC port forwarding.

I can successfully configure SecureCRT for Windows to port forward in a Reverse SSH setup.

In OSx I can setup Dynamic port forwarding using the following:
alias browse1='ssh -f -N -L 4444:localhost:5555 relayhost'
alias browse2='ssh -f -N -p 4444 -D localhost:2222 admin@localhost'

After 'browse2' I enter my password for admin on the remote system.
In Firefox I configure a Proxy: localhost Port:2222
I now can browse the remote network.

Can this be done using SecureCRT for Windows?
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Old 08-25-2019, 03:17 PM
bgagnon bgagnon is offline
VanDyke Technical Support
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Hi Tachyon,

I've replied to the email you sent to support@vandyke.com.

VanDyke Software
Technical Support
(505) 332-5730
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