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Old 02-03-2005, 01:06 AM
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SFTP implementation in SecureCRT 5.0

Let me first say that it's possible that my problem may be that all I'm wondering about can be set via some configuring option, but if that's so I can't seem to find in. OK:

The nicest new function in SecureCRT, apart from tabs, is the possibility to open an SFTP session by right clicking the tab. As it is today, however, I feel that it lacks a few functions for it to be really usable.

1. If I'm not missing anything I can't use <- and -> keys to navigate back and forth on a line. Only control codes gets output on screen. Very annoying.

2. Backspace also just causes a control code, you have to use delete. At the very least you should be able to configure backspace and del to switch functions, as you can do in the terminal.

3. There's no command line history. Arrow up and down should give me an option to browse history.

4. Is lcd not implemented?

5. When I open an SFTP tab, is it at all possible for the application to know what directory I'm currently in on the server side, so that SFTP opens in that directory?

6. Perhaps SFTP should locally open in another directory than the program folder? My suggestion would be to open in the users home directory (i.e. c:\Documents and Settings\<username>\). Preferably this should be an configurable option.

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