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Old 08-20-2019, 08:59 AM
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Question FAQ: What are the Ciphers and MACs supported in VShell/Windows?

As of the current release, VShell version 4.5.2, these are the Ciphers and MACs supported (with the version when first implemented):

AES-256-GCM (v4.4)
AES-128-GCM (v4.4)
ChaCha20-Poly1305 (v4.3)*
AES-256-CTR (v3.5)
AES-192-CTR (v3.5)
AES-128-CTR (v3.5)
AES-256 (v1.x)
AES-192 (v1.x)
AES-128 (v1.x)
Twofish (v1.x)*
Blowfish (v1.x)*/**

3DES (v1.x)
RC4 (v1.x)*/**
*Not available when VShell is running in FIPS mode
**Removed support for Blowfish and RC4 as of v4.6

SHA2-512-EtM (v4.4)
SHA2-256-EtM (v4.4)
SHA1-EtM (v4.4)
UMAC-64-EtM (v4.4)*
UMAC-128-EtM (v4.4)*
UMAC-128 (v4.3)*

SHA2-512 (v4.0)
SHA2-256 (v4.0)
UMAC-64 (v3.5)*
SHA1 (v1.x)
SHA1-96 (v1.x)*/**
MD5 (v1.x)*
MD5-96 (v1.x)*/**
*Not available when VShell is running in FIPS mode
**Removed support for SHA1-96 and MD5-96 as of v4.6
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Last edited by bgagnon; 10-30-2020 at 08:02 AM. Reason: Marked ciphers/MACs dropping support in v4.6
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