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Old 10-02-2020, 11:59 AM
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Arrow How-To: Transfer Button Bars to the New Command Manager in SecureCRT

SecureCRT's command manager is a mechanism for saving/sending regularly-used commands that can be stored in a tree view hierarchy similar to what you see in the Session Manager.
  • It can be thought of as being similar to SecureCRT's button bar, but in a tree-view version.
  • The command manager was introduced in SecureCRT 8.7 for Windows and SecureCRT 9.0 for macOS/Linux.

If you are currently using the Button Bar in SecureCRT and would like to transfer your button bar definitions into the new Command Manager, here are the steps to take:

First, install SecureCRT 8.7 or newer if you're on Windows; install SecureCRT 9.0 or newer if you're on macOS/Linux.

  1. Open the Button Bar Context menu and choose Copy Button Bar
    • On Windows, right-click on button bar drop-down selector where the name of the button bar is shown.
    • On macOS, control-click on the empty button bar space between the drop-down selector name and the first button on the button bar.
      Alternatively, shorten the width of the SecureCRT window until the button bar expansion icon appears on the right-most portion of the button, and control-click on the expansion icon itself to open the appropriate button bar context menu.
  2. Expand the Command Manager.
    • If you are on Windows/Linux, use the Alt+Y keyboard shortcut.
    • If you are on macOS, use the Command+Y keyboard shortcut
  3. Right-click on the desired folder in the Command Manager and choose Paste Button Bar. Your button bar definitions will be imported into the command manager into a folder matching the name of the button bar that was copied earlier.
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