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Old 12-14-2005, 07:10 AM
lphillips lphillips is offline
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All SSH sessions going through Jump Box

I've been using SecureCRT for many years and love the product. In the past I was in an environment that I was able to SSH directly to all the servers. I'm now in an environment where I first have to SSH to a Jump Box, and then from that box SSH from the command line to all the servers. I'm going to attempt to explain what I want to do, and then possibly someone can tell me if it is possible. I tried one option, but it didn't work. Here goes...

My goal is to have a connection in SecureCRT to all the servers I use. I use the descriptions on the tabs to move from server to server. It's pretty useless to have multiple tabs that all have the same Jump Box description, although I've had to SSH via the command line on the Jump Box.

I was thinking that I could create a session in SecureCRT that initially SSHed to the Jump Box, but then executed a script at login that went ahead and SSHed me to the server that I use in the description. This way, I would automatically be logged on to the server I want to use and have that server's name in the description tab. I tried to set this up, but it didn't work. Here is what I did, maybe I'm missing a step or something - please let me know if you know of a way to do this.

I created a connection to the jump box and then in properties went to Connection -> Logon Script. I checked the "Logon script" box and put a path to the script I wanted to execute. Here is the script and it's contents:


ssh mrma02p1

I assumed that when I logged into the jump box that it would execute that script and automatically SSH to mrma02p1.

If anyone can suggest how to make this work I would be most grateful!


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Old 12-14-2005, 07:19 AM
lphillips lphillips is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Posts: 8
just saw post that describes same problem

sorry - I see a thread below that the person wants to do the same thing.. I'll read that and see if that helps.
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