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Old 08-27-2006, 09:13 AM
Chad.Shipman Chad.Shipman is offline
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New Feature Idea

Lets see if I can explain this right.. I work with alot of Cisco's, and embeded system that has a) shells in them b) firmware or IOS images.

Right now to upgrade most of them either I have to find my tftp server, start it up and such then login to the box and download / upload the image, etc. Cisco equipment has the ability to use either tftp or FTP (which you can have setup for username and password, I just don't like the idea of having my IOS images sitting around on a ftp server).

The idea is to have a small tftp/ftp server inside of secureCRT/secureFX (maybe a feature for buying the combo pack) that would give me the ability to turn on a ftp server in the software so that I could download / upload the images to the machines. Since it would be only for connecting to the IP that your currently logged into it could be locked to only allow that IP to access the ftp portion.

That could then be tied to some custom scripts so that all you would need to do is place your IOS images in a ftproot dir on your machine and login to the router, etc and have a dialog box that asks Image install Location and Image File name. then it would upload ,etc.

Hope this makes since, it does to me atleast and so far I haven't really come across anything else (atleast in 1 package) that would give me this ability.

Chad Shipman

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