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Thanks Todd. When multiple sessions are open, I noticed that the config changes made in one instance are reloaded automatically in other instances (for the most part, there could be some glitches, but will report if I can reproduce.

Button Bar disappearance: When the button bar name is changed in the buttonbar.ini file, the whole section (bar+button entries) gets wiped out and overwritten, this is probably what happened to me. There could be some other reference in some file where the 'names' are maintained. Anyway, for my work, I now know what to do, but I should have probably not fiddled with teh .ini without knowing much.

I was able to restore the buttons I lost by first creating blank buttons using copy-paste, and then editing those button entries in the buttonbar.ini file (left the name alone)

I must be missing something silly here, but I am alright for now until I go through the scripting help

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