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Hello cr1275,

1. Whenever clicking or even hovering over view in the top menu SecureCRT Crashes. You do not need a session open for the crash to occur. Open the program and hover over view and the program will crash. Or click on view and the program will crash.
Was a valid crash dump file created?

If so, please send an e-mail to and include "Attn Brenda - Forum Thread #10446". If you are not writing us from the e-mail account you used when you registered for a download account, please provide the download account e-mail address and I will let you know how to get the crash dump file to us.

2. I had a custom menu and it is mostly no longer there in the Beta Version. I only see the default menu bar which does not contain my customized menu choices and scripts. The button bar is as it was though.
Was your custom menu via a .mnu file?

If so, is this file being pointed to in the Custom menu and toolbar file config option in the Terminal / Advanced category of Global Options?

Or did you create the custom menu by customizing in the GUI?

If so, what files related to menu customization exist in the config folder? (ie: SCRTMenuToolbar.ini)

3. Button bar scripts acting differently. When clicking on a button bar script it opens a script tab in Securecrt that stays open even when the script has completed running.
I would need to get more specifics regarding the above. What does your script do?

Are you connecting via the script?

Could you supply a copy of the script at the same time you contact us regarding #1 above?

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