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Here are a couple other approaches to finding SecureCRT's window position, in lieu of having a CRT object method or property: parse part of SecureCRT's Global.ini file, use AutoIT or similar third party application.

In the SecureCRT configuration folder you'll find a file named Global.ini. The following two lines in Global.ini show the last saved SecureCRT window position:
D:"X Position"=000000a9
D:"Y Position"=00000063

When you start SecureCRT, the X and Y positions will be accurate. If you start SecureCRT then move the window, it gets a little more complicated (still do-able). You'd need to save SecureCRT's settings to update the position within Global.ini before parsing out the variables/values needed. If you don't actually want to change settings you could backup the Global.ini to a different name, save SecureCRT settings, extract the X and Y position, then restore the Global.ini.

Alternatively, AutoIT and similar third party programs have functions which help you extract the window position. If you're comfortable installing a third party application, or already use AutoIT, then this approach may be worthwhile.
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