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Originally Posted by Zab View Post
I've been waiting patiently for VanDyke to implement this feature request. I really don't understand why this can't get prioritized after years in the queue.
Library support for regular expressions hasn't been consistently available for all of the Linux/Mac platforms on which we've historically supported SecureCRT.

We are revisiting what regular expression support is now available for our currently supported Linux/Mac platforms, so we may be able to implement regular expression keyword highlighting in the next major release of SecureCRT.

Are you on the Ubuntu 16 platform? And do you plan to continue to be on this platform for a while yet?

If a pre-release version of SecureCRT becomes available with support for regular expression keyword highlighting, would you be interested in trying it out?

Forum users glx and Foba-Bett, please feel free to chime in with info as to whether you'd be interested in trying out a pre-release version with regex support, and on which supported Linux OS you're running SecureCRT.

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