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Hi Bob,

You have not actually pointed to a specific key file via your command-line. Have you configured Default Session with a key file for public-key authentication?

If not, if you add /I "path_to_key_file" to your command-line, what are the results?

SFXCL /Q /Log 'D:\Log20151005150316.log' /I "path_to_key_file" /P 'passphrase' \\bob\file.txt SFTP://

By the way, what version of SecureFX are you using?

Please note that if it is SecureFX v7.3.3 or later, we added this functionality:

Changes in SecureFX 7.3.3 (Official) -- March 31, 2015

New features:

  • Previous versions of SecureFX supported saving passwords and other sensitive data. In order to improve the security of this feature, SecureFX now requires a passphrase to be created the first time version 7.3.3 runs. This passphrase will be used to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data stored in the session database.
Are you sure the prompt is not for the *config passphrase*?

SFXCL cannot work if a config passphrase is set.

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