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I imagine you would see a similar error if you run the corresponding VBScript. Is this correct?

If you are getting this error, it's not specific to SecureCRT (you'd get the error even in a non-SecureCRT script), and it could be an arduous process to track down the cause. Here are some causes that I can think of that might possibly cause this behavior (this is not a comprehensive list... there might be other causes, and consulting MS KB articles might turn up something more helpful):
- Some Anti-Virus applications by default do not allow "malicious" scripts to run; where "malicious" = script that creates, Scripting.FileSystemObject, etc.

- Security settings in Internet Explorer are too restrictive.

- Local security policy forbids it.

- Scripting engine not installed properly or corrupted (usually not the case on an XP SP1 machine).
It's likely a machine-specific problem... do you have access to any other machines on which you could attempt to run the script?

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