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Password Properties: Global/Re-usable Passwords?

I have a large number of sessions which use different authentication methods. About 150 of these connections use the same password. Every 90 days, I have to change that password. That requires several minutes of multi-selecting different connections in different folders (a tedious chore).

Perhaps on some future release, would it be possible to include a global password list? If there was a centralized/secure internal list of passwords, I would only have 1 single location to change the password, for all sessions that use it. That would mean, the password field, for any connection would have to have things working where a user could enter a unique password (like now), but also be able to pick from a drop-down list of globally stored passwords.

Theory: Password Properties Dialog
- Change the "Store Password" check box into a radio button
- Make a 2nd radio button option, called "Use existing password" with a matching drop down list of all globally stored passwords.

Thank you.
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