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Originally Posted by rwatson
The only data from the trace was at the beginning of the session:

SSH: connected
SSH: RCVD: server public key
SSH: SEND: session key
SSH: setting cipher to 3DES
SSH: RCVD: success
SSH: SEND: username
SSH: RCVD: failure
SSH: SEND: Auth Password
SSH: RCVD: success
SSH: SEND: max packet size: 4096
SSH: RCVD: success
SSH: SEND: request pty
SSH: RCVD: success
SSH: SEND: exec shell
This Trace looks like if came from aconnection using SSH1. Do you see the same behavior when using SSH2 to connect?

Also, in your session options under the Terminal Category, do you have the anti-idle disconnect option "Send protocol NO-OP" option checked?

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