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The SecureCRT evaluation version is identical to the licensed version - when you add a license to SecureCRT it does not unlock (or lock) any features or capabilities. Adding a license allows you to use SecureCRT beyond the 30 day evaluation period.

The image you posted before looks like HTML text, with an HTML box around text, and the text is in a different font. There could be a Wordpress feature similar to the "code" tags or "quote" tags in our forums. SecureCRT is not aware of HTML. SecureCRT is not able to put a box around text, or change fonts (say between the variable pitch and monospace fonts in the image you posted). You'll need to determine how that's done in Wordpress. Here are a couple links which describe how to add a box around text in Wordpress: Simple CSS Text Boxes In Posts, Put a box around some text.

As far as things that SecureCRT may eventually be capable of doing, was there anything else besides a box that you're interested in copying (perhaps the color)?
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