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1. Is there a way to globally set the number of rows and columns for all tab?
If you modify the default session then you will have the option to apply the change to all sessions:
  1. Click the Edit Default Settings button in the General / Default Session category of the Global Options dialog.
  2. Make any desired changes to the Default Session.
  3. Press the OK button
  4. You should be presented with the following warning:
    Do you want to apply the changes that you made to the Default Session to ALL of your sessions?

    WARNING: There is no UNDO for this change.
    Yes No
  5. If you want to make the changes to all existing sessions, press the Yes button.

How do I setup SCRT to wrap a box to whatever text I copy from it?
SecureCRT just copies to the clipboard, in plain ASCII. It does not wrap boxes around text. It almost seems like you want to grab portions of the screen and paste that, not paste just text.
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