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- How do you know the server still thinks the hung Session
process is running (ie: ps, tasklist, other)?

ps -aux | grep <TTY> and/or w. I've noticed the hand occurs even while running top or tail -f which should continue until terminated. In previous version, I would run these for an hour or two, but now only a few minutes before session hangs.

- What other programs are running on the computer with
SecureCRT 4.0?

normally outlook 2003, Perl Builder, WSFTP, sometimes HotDog also. it varies but these are the main ones.

- Do you connect to multiple computers, and if so, does
this problem occur with all Sessions, or does it only
occur when connecting to a particular server?

I may have a few sessions open doint things like tail and top, etc. as I debug my applications. Normally no more than 3, but the session hangs happen no matter how many sessions I have open.

- Could you post Trace Options output from a Session
that gets disconnected?

Trace is on now but as luck would have it, I can't duplicate problem...funny how this was happening all the time until now.

ps: We should also find out why you couldn't access the SSH forum, but fixing the disconnect problem seems a far higher priority.
As a guest, I can see and read messages from the ssh forum, but once I login, no forum.
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