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Calling the problem you're experiencing "annoying" seems like an understatement!

A few questions:

- How do you know the server still thinks the hung Session
process is running (ie: ps, tasklist, other)?

- What other programs are running on the computer with
SecureCRT 4.0?

- Do you connect to multiple computers, and if so, does
this problem occur with all Sessions, or does it only
occur when connecting to a particular server?

- Could you post Trace Options output from a Session
that gets disconnected?

To enable Trace Options click the File pull down menu and select Trace Options. After doing that if you click the File pull down menu again you should see a check mark next to Trace Options. The reason I'd like to see Trace Options is because it shows the low level interaction between SecureCRT and the server. You said that when you logon again with a new connection you see that the Session that was supposed to have been terminated is still active on the server and therefore it's not a timeout issue, so Trace Options may show nothing, but it's a simple test and may show something.


ps: We should also find out why you couldn't access the SSH forum, but fixing the disconnect problem seems a far higher priority.
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