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Hello vysh,

What version of SecureCRT/Mac are you using?

There are various config options with respect to the toolbar.

Perhaps changing the configuration of yours would provide a more pleasing aesthetic for you.

SecureCRT on Mac OS X has 4 settings you can use for the icons via an option in the Global.ini file. The name of the option and its default setting is:
D:"Toolbar Style"=00000002
Here are the options:
  1. Small classic icons from the Windows version
  2. Larger new icons with text
  3. Small new icons with no text
  4. No icons, just text
NOTE: You must close SecureCRT before making changes to the Global.ini file.

You can find the location of the Global.ini file in the General / Configuration Paths category of the Global Options dialog. (General category for SecureCRT versions prior to v7.2.)

Does configuring a different style for the toolbar suit you better?

If not, I am happy to make the appropriate feature request.

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