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Post Welcome to the File Transfer Discussion Forum

Thanks for visiting our discussion forums. We have created separate discussion spaces for the following topics and welcome your participation:

General: Comments, suggestions, and ideas about the forums, our products, and stories about how VanDyke Software helps you get things done.

File Transfer: Discuss any of VanDyke Software's file transfer tools which include SecureFX, vsh, vcp, and AbsoluteFTP.

Secure Shell: This is the place to post questions about the Secure Shell protocol including encryption, authentication, configuration, and interoperability.

Scripting: Post questions or share tips about how to use scripting to automate and enhance VanDyke Software products.

Anyone can read the posts in these forums. To fully participate by posting and voting in polls, you must register.

If you use an RSS aggregator, you can subscribe individually to each of the forums you're interested in and you'll receive a new feed in your RSS reader whenever a new post is made. RSS feed icons are located on the Forums index page.