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Hi Reno,

Are they all using the same version of SecureCRT?

Coming in v8.6:

Changes in SecureCRT 8.6 (Pre-Beta) -- August 10, 2018

New features:

  • Added the ability to export and import just the button bars.

It's not really recommended you copy/edit, etc. from the actual ButtonBarV#.ini file as the format is not guaranteed to be the same between versions. But if all your team members are using the same version of SecureCRT, you will find that file in your SecureCRT config folder. (You find the location of your config in the General / Configuration Paths category of Global Options.)

If you would like to try a pre-release version of v8.6, please email and reference "Try pre-release version 8.6" (or something similar). If not writing us from the email address associated with your download account (which is how we make pre-release builds available) then please include that email address in the body of your email.

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