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The client does a file listing, then compares the list of files to its own local directory. During the time it takes for the comparison, the server logs the client out.

I'm afraid we're stuck with the version we have.

Here's what I see in the log:

11:44:22,conn,12219: Connection closed.
11:44:29,conn,12220: Connection accepted from
11:44:29,auth,12220: Client specified username user, resolved as SERVERNAME\user
11:44:29,auth,12220: none for user SERVERNAME\user rejected because it is unavailable.
11:44:29,auth,12220: password for user SERVERNAME\user accepted.
11:44:30,conn,12220: Session channel open request accepted.
11:44:30,conn,12220: Received request to start subsystem sftp (Built-in Subsystem)
11:44:30,sftp,12220: Sftp subsystem initialized; remote version is 3.
11:44:30,sftp,12220: Sending VERSION packet to remote (3)
11:44:41,sftp,12220: Sftp subsystem terminated.
11:44:41,conn,12220: The transport closed cleanly, but there were still channels active.
All channels are being closed.
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