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That was it! Thank you Jake!!

So my next question, since I'm using python to iterate through each one of my predefined sessions, I'm going to need to do some tweaking as I was only simply looking to see if the session was connected or not. However, I'm now running into an issue while I'm trying to test that I can't run a script because there is another script that is running.

Within the python script I think I'm going to simply be looking for the 'ogin:' (or something like that) string and then disconnect since I'm only looking to see if I can connect to the device or not. Every success or failure going to text file for logging.

What would you recommend as a path forward? Since I don't really know much about VBScript I was thinking maybe convert it to Python and just bake everything into the one script and just have that run without any additional logon scripts?

Thanks again for your help!
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