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Question Is it not possible to hide the tabbar in SecureCRT Linux?

So, I thought there used to be an option in SecureCRT's Options->Global->Terminal->Appearance configuration panel, a checkbox to "Show session tabs" (I think this also used to be in the "View" menu), but it doesn't appear to exist in SecureCRT 7.3.0 657 for Ubuntu 13-64 (or SecureCRT 7.2.6 606 for OSX, for that matter).

Also, as expected, I am unable to hide the tabbar by using the keymap editor to map the menu function MENU_TOGGLE_SESSION_TABS to a key combo either.

Is the ability to hide the tabbar no longer present in SecureCRT for Linux and OSX? Was it ever present? I honestly never tried to use this feature until recently. It appears that I am able to turn off everything but the tabbar.


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