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Hi Mike,

I'm glad to hear that the sessions have migrated properly after manually starting the migration.

As for the session that is not displaying a listing, I just need a little more information.

What is the operating system on the remote FTP server?

Could you send me a log file from SecureFX?

To configure SecureFX to generate a log file:

1) Open SecureFX and choose Options / Global Options.

2) Browse to the File Transfer / Options / Advanced
category in the "Global Options" dialog and enable
the "Enable log output to file" option.

Note: If you're using a version of SecureFX earlier
than version 3.0, this option is located in the
Options / Advanced category of the Global
Options dialog.

3) Specify a filename in the "Log filename" field. For example:

C:\Documents and Settings\<your_username>\My Documents\SecureFX.log

4) Press the "OK" button to close the Global Options dialog.

5) Attempt the connection to the remote machine and
perform the steps needed to replicate the problem.

6) Once the problem occurs, browse to the location of
the SecureFX log file and send it to me by means of
an e-mail attachment to


Teresa Nygren
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