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Migrate Sessions from AbsoluteFTP to SecureFX


We're running an old version of AbsoluteFTP that has years upon years of stored FTP login details that are, quite frankly, not centrally stored anywhere else. Our web host recently upgraded their FTP server, rendering AbsoluteFTP unable to connect to all 175 hosting accounts we manage with this host.

Obviously, we need to upgrade.

We've downloaded/installed a trial version of SecureFX, and it seems to work fine. However, when we followed the instructions in this post, we were unable to get the existing sessions to load in SecureFX. We've tried several times and double-checked all settings and files involved. Nothing seems to be working.

I'm just hoping someone can shed a little light on this. If we're able to get the sessions migrated over to SecureFX we'll be ready to purchase a full version and carry on happily with our existing stored session details.

Any would be greatly appreciated.

Mike T.
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