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Hi Bjoern,

So again, what assistance do you need?

My script loops through an array op IP addresses, issues a command string (systemctl). The first 15 from the arrStartStandalone array work just fine, however, when it hits, a "No route to host" message is returned (timestamp [2019/02/28-15:50:40.140]).

The script seems to respond correctly,
does ssh to the next IP [2019/02/28-15:50:41.164] and immediately issues another ssh to [2019/02/28-15:50:41.177]. It receives the banner from a host (don't know which one), the issues another two ssh commands to the same IP at [2019/02/28-15:50:41.177].
You stated that "the script seems to respond correctly".

What problem are you trying to solve?

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