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I can work with that!

Highlighting a word, multi-word or the entire line will work fine for troubleshooting configurations aided by button defined scripts.

For report style queries from multiple MAD routers (i.e., gathering total LDP sessions, interfaces that are Up or Down, ... etc ...)

I guess I have 2 directions try. . .

Using SecureCRT
...Open a logfile to append query results to.
...Launch SecureCRT using saved sessions and a query script.
It might be problematic having the screen continuously scrolling on a laptop that is also multitasking with other work.

Using Perl with Net SSH
...Open a logfile
...Open a MAD_List file, w/host names for routers to be queried.
...Spawn router sessions, login and issue command
1st attempt at this Perl script, has a problem. Only 1 command seems to be issued and captured per login. Whatever I am doing wrong, I haven't figured it out yet.

What you have suggested will make it much easier to view relevant data "within SecureCRT" while troubleshooting configurations.

I am open to hear anyone's thoughts for improving the logic/methods for the report style processing of data from multiple MAD routers.
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