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Originally Posted by rtb View Post
Hi Koenv,

If not, can you provide more details as to your goal?

Do you want the Session Manager to display the hostname for a session rather than the session name?
Correct. Currently the session manager displays the Connection Name per default and the SSH hostname when hovering over it.
I would like a trigger to inverse this behavior.

Imagine this.. per default the session manager lists the logical names which works great as that is the name everybody knows.
Then I go debug something and all I get returned is the ip address (aka SSH hostname).

Sure I can use the Find function to find any host here but
1) that find isn't limited to my current folder so might give me sessions from other customers (~folders).
2) it is very labor intensive if I need to do this a few times.

So again, a checkbox in the session manager that would let me switch what is displayed in there would be useful to me.

I understand this would not be very useful for those people that have proper DNS in place and can just work with actual hostnames but for people like me stuck with ip addresses I think this could be very useful.
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