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Baffles me why Vandyke has not worked on this more in the past few years. I complained about it years ago. Supporting a mysql or lightsql database that could easily be synced would be so much easier and likely faster than the .ini's they do now.

We have about 40-50 engineers that share about 2000 session files that change frequently. Connecting over the network was not even an option for one it was brutally slow. For two we cannot trust that we will have access to the network share when we VPN into a secure network. I have not tested too much the beta over the network but I can say our 2000 file browser does seem to open much faster with 7.x beta.

We currently do as someone else above mentioned. We have a series of VBS scripts that I built into a custom menu file we created and have a send session data script then get session data. The send zips all the sessions then pushes to a server which every minute parses the files in the zip to compare with the 'master' list. Then when the next user downloads the updated information is available.

However, recently we have decided to write a site access database and one of our perl experts wrote a GUI in perl. From this GUI we are calling SecureCRT from the CLI and launching sessions. Then this GUI has a lightSQL database that we keep synced using transaction logs so it can sync changes virtually instantly. So bye bye SecureCRT session files!

I wish vandyke had productized a database but this is the direction we are moving. Still get the SecureCRT interface however can use a much more robust database.

Most everything can be run from the command line with SecureCRT with the exception of telnet however I wrote a VBS to get around that limitation.
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