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Originally Posted by habs
Hi Will,

By "works now in beta 5", do you mean the functionality which I described in my initial post (holding down the control button while hitting tab allows you to shift between open tabs, just like "alt-tab" in Windows) has been implemented?
Sorry, I mis-read your post. I really dont want to see it changed if your looking for it to just toggle the last window like ALT-TAB. The main reason is because all my other major windows applications work in the manner of cycling through windows within application. If SecureCRT did this it would really mess me up.

Now I understand the need for wanting to toggle between two windows... The new version of SecureCRT has really changed the way I manage my terminal sessions. Now with tabs, I basically open two sessions I plan to toggle between on the same instance of securecrt. I would open any other sessions in a seperate window (not a tab). Works for me. Overall I love the new tabs.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.