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Ctrl-Tab functionality


Apologies if this has already been posted.

I'm interested in the Ctrl-Tab functionality being enhanced for SecureCRT 5.0. Specifically, what I'm looking for is to be able to use Ctrl-Tab to navigate between the most-recently used tabs, similar to "Alt-Tab" in Windows.

I know that one can remap Ctrl-Tab to "Previous Tab", but it's not exactly what I am looking for. When one presses "Alt-Tab" in Windows (also "Ctrl-Tab" in the Opera Web Browser), you get a small "mini-window" which shows all of the current open applications. Keeping the Alt button depressed while pressing the Tab button allows you to "shift" between the applications, letting you choose which one you would like to focus on. A small "window" showing all of the active tabs in SecureCRT 5.0, and allowing us to "shift" between them via CTRL-Tab would be ideal.

Incorporating this sort of functionality into SecureCRT 5.0 with its multiple tabs would be greatly appreciated!