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AHHH - that was it - THX !!! I'll repeat myself - you are GREAT!!!

There are two places where you are sending \r\n when it should just be \r:
- I've deleted \n and it works

previously I've had the following:

ok - so these are the steps the script takes during the execution

1) new tab to new device is opened (ssh works)
2) script sends "sh run | i snmp-server location"
3) I see the output of this
4) scripts sends "configure terminal"
5) see the output
"Enter configuration commands, one per line ..."
6) see the messageBox (you are in CONF T)
7) I click OK
8) new tab is opened (and again exactly the same steps as from 1-7)
16) new tab is opened (again exactly the same steps and outputs as previously)
17) clicking OK (see that end is send and executed)

its funny but when closing the active tabs I see (just a sec before the tab is actually closed) that the "end" is being send but
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