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Hi conip,

Did you try the previous suggestion?

are you not able to verify it?
No, I am not. I do not have the same type system to which these commands would be legitimate. By the time I edit the script to a point where it would work in my test environment, it's not likely to resemble the original.

There are two places where you are sending \r\n when it should just be \r:
		self.objTAB.Screen.Send("configure terminal\r")

		if self.objTAB.Screen.WaitForString("(config)#") == True:
			crt.Dialog.MessageBox("you are in CONF T")
			#self.objTAB.Activate()			//doesn't help
However, thanks for this clarification:
first 2 commands are being sent correctly
for some reasons it hangs with the 3rd one for all the tabs but last
As it seems a bit different a problem than previously stated:
I've got each tab opened and got the MessageBox that I'm in a configure terminal but then the second command (actually the third) "end" is not sent to Screen, it is but only to the last TAB in the for loop.

I noticed you did add the additional WaitForString() after sending "end" since the first post. Is that what changed the results from what was stated before?

Please provide a "blow by blow" explanation of what happens to each of the three tabs when the For loop executes.

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